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How will a BAL Rating affect my

So you are building a house in a Bushfire Prone area and now you are wondering what that may mean for the future of your home or project. How much will it cost and what changes do you need to make?

If you haven’t already done so, you may find it helpful to get some background to BAL levels with these articles:

Once your design has been assigned a BAL rating by an accredited bushfire consultant, your construction plans will need to be updated to reflect the correct construction requirements for the level it has been assigned.

There are five BAL levels, each one requires different construction requirements. The levels are BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29, BAL 40, and BAL FZ.

Each level will add construction requirements and therefore costs to your building. In the submission by FESA to the Keelty Report they produced this table in regards to cost: (Keep in mind this is nearly 10 years old)


Alternatively to the table above, The Shire of Busselton in Council Agenda dated 11/05/2011  on  matter  concerning  the  identification  of  Bushfire  prone  areas provided  the  following  information  that  estimated  the  costs  (above  standard constructing standards) of compliance with AS3959-2009.

  • BAL – 12.5 – 3-4%
  • BAL – 19 – 4-5%
  • BAL – 29 – 6-6.5%
  • BAL – 40 – 6-10%
  • BAL – FZ – 8-10%

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Do I Need a BAL?

Do I Need a Assessment? You only need a BAL report if your property has been designated a Bushfire Prone Area by the DFES Commissioner.

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