Bushfire Smart

Vulnerable Use and Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP)

Bushfire Smart have experience in a large range of developments - no matter how big or what materials are being used, we have you covered.

A development which is classified as ‘Vulnerable Use’ needs additional bushfire protection measures, and hence requires assessment against the Vulnerable Use provisions of State Planning Policy 3.7 and the development of a Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) template and diagram.

The intent of a Bushfire Evacuation Plan is to provide strategic guidance to the owners and occupants of the subject property to assist with preparation for a future bushfire event; and provide guidance in the event of a bushfire threatening the property.

It is a document specifically designed for vulnerable persons who do not have the experience to accurately determine the potential risk of a bushfire and what actions to take in the event of a bushfire. Therefore, it is not a technical document and emphasis is placed on the safety of lives rather than preservation of property.